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Our technology

AI power advances greatness

Empower Collaborative Learning:

Utilise cutting-edge 21st-century methodologies to foster enhanced collaboration, communication, and teamwork among students, promoting a dynamic learning environment.

Engage Through Real-World Applications: 

Employ practical use case studies and hands-on projects to cultivate essential work-based skills, enabling students to gain tangible results and bridge the gap between theory and practice. 

Customised Resources:

Tailor the platform's comprehensive resources to cater specifically to the needs and goals of your educational organisation, ensuring a personalised learning experience for students and educators alike. 

Reclaim Your Time:

Streamline administrative tasks and maximise efficiency, allowing educators to focus on what truly matters—facilitating impactful learning experiences for students. 

Regain Control of Your Classroom: ​

Empower educators with tools and features that facilitate effective classroom management, enabling them to maintain a conducive learning environment and optimise student engagement. 

Rediscover a Balanced Life: ​

Strike a healthy work-life balance with our AI-powered platform that simplifies administrative burdens, freeing up valuable time for educators to invest in their personal lives and well-being.

Supercharge Your Productivity with Our
Cutting-Edge Computing Curriculum Solutions


The PowerPoint lessons, revision notes, and flashcards you provide make lesson planning easier than ever. The content is well-structured and easy to understand. Bravo!

Lee Holroyd,

Curriculum Leader

Lancaster University

We have been home educators for 15 years. We use Computing Powers for computer science knowledge and exam syllabus guidance. They've been a pleasure to talk to. Our service and resources have been excellent, and we'll continue to do so.

Tom Henderson,

Home educator

In my experience, Computing Powers are getting stronger and better every year. The resources are well organized and planned. There is plenty of assessment material for all areas of instruction.

Phillipa Morris,
Head of Computing

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